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Three men come to my gloryhole at my house in Orlando, Florida. One of the guys ends up leaving, Gloryhole By Traffic Junky. Remove all Ads. Male, User. Related Videos 3 guys come to the gloryhole. Add your comment Bold Italic Underline. View all replies Hawkeyefan 2 years ago. Post Reply. Orlando rest of the time was hot as well.

I will be by anytime I'm in the area. Would love to get another round with that hot stud. Posted Dec 03 Well, I just got back from Club Orlando and I have been let down again.

I read all the comments about the place and I had mixed hopes going but thought I would try anyway. Like others have said, if you are a below-average Joe or like to be followed around by sissy boys or just plain weird guys then this is your place. You will have a ball or two. But hey, I got to see something that I would never have thought I would get to see in my lifetime. I got to see an orlando man take his teeth out and go down on another gloryhole man in the hot tub.

It about made me throw up but it was like a car wreck -- you don't want to look but you have to. But if you read gloryhole and still want to go gloryhole it is your first time going just keep an open mind and when you get there get a room with a TV in it. Then just leave the door cracked a little and start to play with your dick.

In no time someone will be on it that is what I did. Posted Nov 28 The wet area renovation complete! Showerheads are now mounted in the ceiling to 'rain' on orlando. Steamroom has been re-caulked and the sauna has new wood. An outdoor shower is adjacent to the jacuzzi and best of all, when orlando step onto the outdoor patio you're likely to see six naked guys standing against the new gloryhole wall while a group gathers on the other side to suck those cocks poking through.

I hope the staff will let the place get more explicit as far as outdoor sexual activity. Posted Oct 15 I was there just a few days ago on a Monday night. They are under construction so the sauna and steamroom are out of service right now. There were a couple guys that showed up and made the stop all worth it. One college guy gloryhole very hot and I drunk british teens gif him shooting within a few minutes.

Posted Oct 09 I was there last night for the first time. I've orlando people talk about how great this place is supposed to be. Somebody on here left a comment that there was a lot of unattractive guys orlando a lot of attitude. That is true. I did let some guys suck my cock and I did enjoy standing on nude xxx models doing sex patio bench fucking the mouths of a couple of gloryhole while others watched.

I did bust my nut, but it was not worth the cost of going. I was disappointed with the place and not gloryhole in going back.

Been there, done that! Posted Sep 20 A total waste of time and money. The guys here all seem to have small dicks orlando out-of-shape bodies.

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Posted Sep 14 Frankly, there are a lot of nasty guys here: gloryhole feminine or just plain ugly. I couldn't find anyone worth getting off with. Gloryhole waste your time and money! Posted Jun 07 This place is good for an average joe, etc. You will not see a muscled guy or very masculine guys here. Most of the guys that I saw were not in shape and mostly feminine. I will not recommend this club for an athletic, masculine gay male. I was so bored I wanted to get the hell out of it very fast. Posted May 16 orlando I pass through Orlando several times a year and always stop gloryhole.

I've never not had my mind blown. I'm gloryhole Tom Cruise or anything close but for some reason the sex I've had there is as near as tantric as I can imagine. I was there last Friday and strong, handsome, bald goatee wearing man! But what made me cum was him later, repeatedly, alternating between tonguing my bung and sucking my balls into his mouth and humming while I stroked my cock.

Once I started to cum he throated my schlong and held it there for the forty-five seconds it took for my spasms to subside. Afterwards, he kissed me on the lips, grabbed his towel, and walked out. I fell asleep for an hour. So, fuck yeah, I'll continue going back for pleasure only half as good! Posted May 13 Club Orlando is clean and very friendly staff. The people who go there are of various age and body ranges.

I got lucky several times on a Wednesday evening. A great place for out-of-towners and first-timers. Posted Apr 03 I was passing through while returning from a business trip. There is a lot of attitude here. I like Asians and there were five of them there. Good, right? Not really. Four of them would not even look at me, the fifth one orlando let me touch him before he shoved me aside and went down on some bald seventy year old. Not here. Posted Mar 24 I love this place. The cock is hot and the private rooms make for a nice gambar nude divas wwe for some small group fun.

I go twice a week and always leave after having three or four hot orlando. The steamroom is nice if the temperature isn't to hot and the sauna is real nice -- the guys sit on the top bench and you suck them from the bottom bench one at a time. Posted Jan 23 I was able to get off but had a difficult time finding a nice, masculine, in-shape guy to play with. Lots of sissy boys or older, out-of-shape orlando. This place has no young crowd.

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I usually pay attention to CFS listings but Gloryhole couldn't believe all the negatives left for this bathhouse so I decided to visit on a Saturday. I went from 1 to 6 pm. The parking lot was full but inside was pretty empty around ten to fifteen guys. The average age there was gloryhole. Only one guy was in his thirties and he was so queenie that it did not turn me on.

After spending five hours there I decided to leave with no success c'mon, I have some standards. The staff orlando very nice, just the clientele was not my type. If you like old fat guys this place will not disappoint. If you like a younger crowd, stay away from this place. Posted Dec 04 As an out-of-towner, this place works. Nicely varied crowd.

I got off on a couple of guys and would recommend it for sure. Posted Nov 15 canadian porn I always have a great time there. You just have to be patient sometimes. I find it best on Saturday nights but have even had memorable fucks on weekday orlando. Sometimes I even get a free massage and usually my tight ass plowed in one of the private rooms. I have read all the reports bashing this place but I gloryhole it orlando. Clean, safe, everything was working when I visited on a Sunday night.

I like the closed off section on the patio, lots of action.

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Not everyone can be a young hardbody. Posted Aug 15 I found orlando place loaded with prissy, feminine gloryhole running around in bright colored thongs. I did not see any real men. I left within an hour of getting there and will not be going back gloryhole of the rude staff.

Posted Aug 11 If you must go, go on a weekend night. Weekdays it's trollville -- no one to even pity-fuck. Posted Jul 30 Very hit-or-miss. You can run into the joan lunden fuck videos nice guy. Usually there are just too many queens with gloryhole much attitude and not much else to offer unless of course that's what you like. Even the older out of shape guys have an attitude -- like what the fuck? And guys are not very open-minded racially unlike in Tampa or Fort Lauderdale.

Too many here stand and model. They don't orlando what the place is for. And I always say if you're all that, then why are you here in orlando first place? This place is disappointing. It's mostly older guys and out of shape. The steamroom is very cruisy but not very desirable men. Gloryhole gloryholes, no dark areas, no porn. Marketing to younger guys would be a plus. The only real compliment is a nice workout facility and it's clean. Posted Jun 16 The club staff must be posting this stuff.

I go there to workout because it's only two blocks from my orlando and the equipment is never busy. Although I've occasionally gotten lucky and a few orlando guys go there now and then, it's usually filled with the older out-of-shape guys. The club gloryhole in desperate need of marketing to younger more fit nude man model asia. Posted Apr 01 I was there twice in one week around 5 to 9 om on weekdays.

Great place! The staff was really friendly and hot. I had a great time in the steamroom and sauna and hooked up many times. There's someone for everyone. I totally recommend it.

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orlando Check it out! I will definitely return. Posted Mar 12 I stopped by here recently and gloryhole a good time. I really like how the showers are across from the sauna with a glass wall to watch. Very sweet. I found action in the steamroom and sauna.

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Got a good blowjob in the steamroom and images women sex fukc was invited gloryhole a private room to do some top action. Blew another load, orlando to shower off while the guys in the sauna got to watch. Can't wait to visit again. Posted Mar 02 Nice set of saunas. I had a great time and filled my belly gloryhole cum before leaving mine in a hot mouth. Good to know that Orlando does have entertainment. Posted Feb 09 I went to this club in the summer of Although the staff is courteous, this place is terrible.

The clientele are very snobby and mostly unfriendly. Such equipment would be a major enhancement to the dull sexual environment. Posted Dec 30 Do not waste your time at this place.

The steamroom has been non-functioning for the last month. The hot orlando had disgustingly dirty water. The dry sauna was the only thing that was satisfactory. The pool is not heated so it is too cold to get in. There were lots of old men. It was a waste of time. Posted May 19 But when I went last night the assistant manager was the rudest asshole to me for no reason at all. I hope he gets fired! Posted Apr 07 gloryhole Nice gym and the pool is perfect for nude sunbathing.

There is always something going on in the sauna and steamroom. I have had great times here. Posted Mar 18 I visited here while in town on business. Attractive Couple looking for a man to watch and quotes possibly join depending on the mood.

You must be clean. If interested, send age, height, weight and size of tool with a pic. No replies without above. We are serious so please only respond if yo I have a great ass to be fucked great mouth to suck, decent tits and a tight We can meet you in the daytime for a drink and then play if all matches up. We're not lookig for endless mails. I love to kiss and fuck. I'm hot and passionate.


gloryhole orlando www women with snake fucking image God, I loooove uncut cock! Dear llovestr8mancock, You are so fortunate to orlando it the way nature intended. Have known quite a few men who would be envious of gloryhole. Greater sensitivity is one advantage, from not having the cockhead and shaft not rubbing against underwear. Sexy too, seeing the skin gradually retracft and unveil, unfurl the. I will say that a lot of women are frightened off by the initial sight of it, even embarrassing some of my friends, I hear, and affecting the male for a long time.
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gloryhole orlando nude girls from mombasa Gloryhole open near downtown orlando. Attractive Couple looking for a man to watch and quotes possibly join depending on the mood. You must be clean. If interested, send age, height, weight and size of tool with a pic. No replies without above.