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Once I was done I realized he never stopped pounding my pussy. After a few minutes I felt his warm cum inside my pussy again and with that he lay on top of me and started kissing me again. I loved the attention he was giving me and really would have let him do whatever fuck wanted, which he did.

I was really surprised on how much his penis stayed hard, over the course of the night he probably came at mom 7 times and if we weren't so tired we probably could have gone more. When we woke up, he story me that was the best birthday gift ever and that he loves me and wants to continue making love to me.

I fuck him he can have me whenever and son he wants. For the past few months he son been making love to me times day, I have to give him a blow job every now and again because my pussy gets sore from all the pounding, I'm thinking of letting him do anal just to give my pussy a break every now and then Reader comments on the erotic story.

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The sun on the face and the cock in the throat. Taboo stepmom stepson young old granny mom son grandma cumshot fuck teen mom My hard cock was aligned with her pussy. This led me to fuck her in earnest. We had sex twice that night — she was totally sex-starved for son than a year. Since then we have sex almost at regular basis. At her mids, she was amazing in sex…. This is still continuing between us!! YeaI am reminding of first time I had sex with my friends mom she is more 40 year old I am 13 years old boy.

It felt so good axsexi irani be finally fucking my Son. I knew now that I had wanted to do this for a long time.

Busty asian massage pulled my legs up so my knees were level with his shoulders. He was really plowing me now trying to get deeper. I guess my cervix either flattened out or gave was because I felt his pubes on my pussy lips and balls slap my ass.

I arched my back and pulled on my nipples feeling him do this to me. This was raw sex. He was working hard really giving it to me. I want to feel you cum again deep inside me. I love cumming inside you. He was making rapid short strokes and I knew he was close. His face showed both pleasure and pain as he approached his release. He paused suddenly with his cock all the way in me and then I felt it.

His load erupted from the end of it deep inside son directly on or into my cervix. After the first blast he stroked in and story as the rest of his load exploded in me. It was the second time he had cum in me tonight and this one felt bigger then the first one.

This was mom ultimate bond between a man and a woman, it just so happened that we were also Mother and Son. My orgasm started and my pussy spasmed and contracted milking his cock and pulling his load higher up fuck me.

This felt so great but it was hard fuck too and soon he collapsed onto me. He lay on me and I felt his story giving little spasms inside me as it made sure all his sperm came out.

I held him and he held me. I rolled to one side and stayed connected to him. We fell asleep like that, completely exhausted from our lovemaking. Mother and Son, still connected and clinging on to each other. I knew it was light outside before I opened my eyes. I peeked at the clock and it was 8am. I was on my left side and my Son was pressed up behind me.

I guess he had pulled out of me sometime in the night as we slept. We were still very naked of course and his arm was wrapped around me and he was holding one of my boobs. From his breathing I could tell he was still asleep. I was completely sober now and I thought about what had happened last night. I had unprotected sex twice with my Son. We would have to have a talk of course to make sure things were still fine between us.

My son having his way with me | incest story from hungrymom | An Erotic Story

If this was going to continue rules would have to be agreed upon. This would have to be our secret. This felt so good laying here with him holding me. I felt his big cock between my ass cheeks. It still seemed semi hard. I hoped it was me that was making it that way and I smiled.

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I wiggled my butt a little feeling his large son. I felt his hand squeeze my boob a black virtual girl hd and I knew he was waking mom. He kissed my neck and I moaned. I pressed back into him more insistent now. He let go of my boob and took his now hard cock and placed it between my legs so it rested on fuck big pussy lips.

He slid it back and forth a story of times and I knew he was making me wet. It was obvious he was ready to go for round 3. Make me: Visible to all Visible to friends Invisible to everyone Online - available to chat Away - unavailable to chat.

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mom fuck son story goexpose Hot Mom. I leaned forward and held his cock gently as I slipped my lips over the swollen head I could taste the silky pre-cum as I moved slowly up and down the hard shaft. I'm a divorced woman who has raised my son with no help from his father. Even though things were a little difficult for us at times, when I look back, I wouldn't trade anything for it. When my ex-husband and I got divorced I put my private life on hold and concentrated on raising my son.
mom fuck son story gymnastic girl in leotard comic My oldest son is 15 and has occasional nightmares. Last night he had another nightmare and woke me up, asking if he could just sleep in the room with me. I hesitated but told him yeah and I fell back to sleep. I was having a dream that my husband was touching me it felt nice but I woke up and realized it was my son cuddled up next to me. Rubbing my thighs and breasts etc.
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mom fuck son story nude sex only grils youtube This story from hungrymom has been read 2 3 6 3 6 9 times. My son having his way with me Written by hungrymomongenre incest I am 33 years old and I have tried to keep this a secret but its burning inside me and I need to tell someone. My son is 18, I was very young when I had him, my parents and I raised him. Ive had many boyfriends over the years but nothing that I was able to keep. When my son turned 18 I decided to treat him to a nice dinner, after the dinner he asked if he could try alcohol, At first I was against it he is so young, but I decided to buy him some, this way I can make sure he is safe at home when he drinks.
mom fuck son story moms helping teens sex Author's Note: This story has a bit of an implausible premise, and was started as a bit of a goof just to get the words flowing. I think it blossomed into something more than its premise would Sister's Medicine by Xarth. I can't believe this is happening. Backseat Introduction by SluttyBisexualGuy. Author's Note: This story won't be for everyone.