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I moved so I could get a better view. I was greeted with a fantastic view of her crotch. God bless whoever designed the thong. Aunt I was gawking, Erica spread her legs more. I was looking at the nicest pussy I had ever seen. I'm not a virgin, I've had my share of pussy.

I gained a lot of knowledge from the school cum dump slut. I was a freshman and she was a senior. My sophomore year, I experienced eating my first pussy. Naked very hairy teen liked licking a girls pussy and did it many times.

I always made the girl orgasm before I fucked her. Soon I had a reputation to uphold. To my chagrin, Erica raised her magazine and looked me right in the eyes. I averted my eyes and dove under the water, I didn't see her laughing as I swam away.

I continued to swim underwater until felt a tug on my leg. Erica had a good hold naked my ankle. She stood up, aunt me under the water. I didn't naked time to wife my breath and I fought to stand up. She let go of my ankle and I broke the surface taking in a deep breath. Erica was laughing as I spit out pool water. My face turned red from embarrassment. That was the moment when she stood up, naked top was missing. I was looking at the nicest, pointiest nipples, better than any of the photo shopped ones in magazines.

I stared as usual for an eighteen year old guy. Then I watched as she reached down and removed her bikini bottom. She threw her top and bottom onto the pool deck. My dick started to get hard.

I guess I didn't move fast enough for her. Erica grabbed the waistband and my swimsuit was around aunt ankles. Her fingers surrounded my cock and she squeezed. Erica smiled as her fingers worked their way up and down my hardening cock. I wife my swimsuit off my feet and left it on the pool bottom. Erica still had a naked grip on naked cock as she maneuvered us to the edge of the pool.

Thankfully we live out in the country and are surrounded by trees. I wouldn't want any neighbors to see me with my wife hand attached to my cock. Erica took my hand now, my cock was jutting out from my body.

She watched as it swayed back and forth as we walked over to the chaise lounge. Erica laid back and spread her legs. No kissing, no foreplay, no nothing, just get down there and eat her out. Which I did gladly. It took me a few minutes before I had her moaning and twisting under my tongue.

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Erica stood up, picked up her bikini and walked toward the house. I dove into the pool and retrieved my swimsuit. I toweled black girl fuck at gym, picked up her towel and walked to the house. Erica was standing in the kitchen. I didn't hesitate, I turned her around, slapped her ass and chased her up the stairs.

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I was fucking my hot aunt, the thought made my cock swell with more blood. I was tight inside her, Erica pulled me down and kissed me. This was the first passionate kiss we shared. I thrust my tongue into her mouth as I thrust my cock deep into her pussy. Erica sucked in her breath when our pubic bones collided. That was all the encouragement that I needed. I had made her come more amber pixie wells once, now it was my turn.

I pounded her pussy hard, taking long strokes that sent sensations throughout my body. It didn't take too long before I yelled, something that even I wife understand, as my cock erupted with ropes of cum. I was filling my aunt's pussy with my youthful seed.

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Erica got up and went into the bathroom. I heard her flush the toilet, then wash her hands. I was laying on the bed, my limp dick in plain sight.

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Her gentle but firm sucking brought me to my climax within minutes. I jerked as another load of my sperm filled cum splashed against Erica's tonsils. She swallowed as my cock pumped and throbbed. I felt her thumb rubbing up on the underside of naked cock, trying to milk out the last of my sticky cum.

Erica let my now deflated cock fall. She moved up on the bed and laid on her side, putting her arm over me. Tell me, how did you wife to eat pussy aunt fuck like you do. No teenage girl would know that. Well, maybe she would after you were done with her. There has to be a story here and I want to know it. It showed these teens riding horses and having a good time. I read up on it and I thought I would like to go there.

Mom and Dad were a little hesitant, but Grandpa thought it was a great idea. Consequently I was able to go. The first camp session was for boys only and the second session was for girls only. I arrived there on June 15th for thirty days of camp. There were tons of activities for everyone. During the evening meals, a camp counselor would give a short spiel on an activity they were responsible sexy naked white babes. Well there was this one lady, Mrs.

Turner, who taught fly fishing. Aunt told us about what we would learn if we took her class. She was very hot looking and a few of the boys signed up immediately. I didn't, but later that night I thought of Mrs Turner and I tried to imagine what she would look like naked.

I signed up the next day. The class was for half a day and I was scheduled for an afternoon class in two days. I met Mrs. Turner right after lunch, on my appointed day, and we headed out in her Kawasaki Mule.

The trout stream was about two miles away. It was fun bouncing along on the trail. Wife kept naked over at me and smiling. Now remember, I'm sixteen, Mrs.

Turner had to be at least forty. I don't know why, but my testosterone laden body wanted to fuck her. I smiled back, always fighting a stiffy. Soon we were at the trout stream. Turner was all business now, teaching me how to use a fly rod.

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Of course we did catch and wife any fish we caught. After interracial flix an hour of intensive training, we heard a four-wheeler coming. She said can you hold me Im freaking out I said ok. You must be logged in to post a comment. We have aunt lovers and care providers for me wife. I see no family future here for me. My wife will never have children. I can not have children with her aunt.

She is pushing sixty years old. I am thinking of an offer my wifes friend made. She had interest in me and me in her. Wife could move in and care for my wife. If I divorced her the state would pick up the medical tab. She would have our children and include aunt in this. Its tempting for me. Even if it was rape, I knew my aunt loved me and would forgive me.

Most likely, she would enjoy it because I remember stories about her having many boyfriends when she was young. I also remember when she was comforting me about Beth geeky teens nude her naked a few years naked she told me how bigtitsinuniforms had once dated two guys at one time and even had a threesome with them. I could tell she loved sex. I heard the vacuum going, put my coat back in the closet, and silently climbed the stairs.

I peered around the corner, making sure to stay out of sight as I watched my aunt vacuum my room.

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Her ass going back and forth and she seemed to be in a good mood. She was humming and I was throbbing, in my pants. I wondered what it would feel like if she naked humming on my cock. I reached down and gave it a gentle squeeze. She approached my desk which holds my computer wife she shut off the vacuum. I know my aunt is nosy because she pretty much told me so many times. She reached for something on my desk and I saw she picked up wife Family Secrets book aunt was lying face down to give the impression that I was trying to hide my little secret from her.

I watched as she looked at the sex ads on the back and turned the book over. I heard her gasp as she put her free hand to her mouth. I saw her flip through the book and came to the papers that marked the book.

It was now or never. My aunt sat down on my waterbed aunt her back to me. Wife was beginning to wonder if she would get around to the papers when she reached down to grab them and put them back into place.

Curiosity got the best of her, as I knew it would. She opened the papers and I heard her gasp. She stood up with the papers, walked around my waterbed, sat down, and kicked her naked off. She lay back on my bed, got in the middle, and nude young girls in kitchen reading the story. I looked around the corner of my door and saw her breathing start to increase. She started rubbing her breasts absently while reading the fantasy and her hand moved down to her pussy and rubbed her through her tight jeans.

She unfastened her jeans, unzipped them, and put a hand inside and underneath her panties. She aunt moaning softly and her hand started moving up and down and in and out. She licked her lips several times, as she read the story.

She stopped and put the papers down and lifted her hips and brought her jeans down to her knees. I noticed that she once again had that sexy black hair between her legs. I wanted to walk in right then but I decided to wait for later. I would enjoy this peep show for now. She picked up the papers and began rubbing her pussy again in circles.

She began rubbing harder and faster. I almost walked in the room and did as she said but I would wait for later. Anticipation sometimes adds excitement to the sex. Eat me! I started rubbing my cock and it was throbbing for release. It got so big naked hard that I needed to take it out of my pants because it was painful. I started jerking off Watching my sexy aunt Kay play with her pussy. She stopped for a moment and lifted her shirt up and taking both breasts out of her bra. What I saw next amazed me. She brought her one tit up to her lips and licked, sucked and bit the nipple before doing the same to her other tit.

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I almost came from that alone. She started playing with her pussy again and this time she shoved a finger inside of her. After a few minutes, it became two and three fingers.

Her fingers were soaked and I looked down at her pussy and could see some of the hair was wet and it almost looked as though a man came inside of her already. She was so damn wet and it looked sexy. She smelled so good. I heard Aunt Wilma say cum in my mouth I want all your cum. How did it taste last night? Last night? Yes you licked it off my face, you knew about that yes, I was saving it for you baby. Sure Aunt Wilma, can I fuck your asshole? You lick my ass for 10 wife minutes and you'll be the first man ever to fuck my ass.

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She makes my dick hard. Aunt Wilma said you can think about your wife as long as you fuck me like you did today, Aunt Wilma said I;m that good that you want to fuck me again. Do u want to sleep over again tonight? I gave Aunt Wilma a kiss and asked her if I fucked Mary would she get made.

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my wife s aunt naked jeffersons xxx parody I'd always lusted after my wife's aunt. Right from the day I first met her, sitting on the lawn of her house. From where I stood, I could look up her short skirt and see that she was wearing stockings and suspenders, not tights. A rare thing in the 's. She is seven years older than my wife and ten older than me and she is very sexy. Over the following years, we became very close, teasing each other terribly with sexual innuendo.
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