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Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. Director: Ronaldo Bertubin. Writer: Romualdo Avellanosa scriptwriter. Added to Watchlist. Movies Viewed. Share this Rating Title: Blink 5.

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Use the HTML below. From the Sikil tandem of director Roni Bertubin and screenwriter Romualdo Avellanosa, Kurap is the story of small-time crooks in innercity Manila and how their lives tragically spiral in a day. And by the way, shirtless picture first of Sherwin, who did daring scenes in the movie.

More revealing photos of cute Sherwin once the movie gets scheduled for showing in Manila. I found it touching, funny, sad, and exhilarating. Que, a multi-awarded writer making his directorial debut, bills Dose "a personal film", and whatever the factual details behind the story, it does have the power of a traumatic reminiscence. Every character is touched with a graceful humanity, including the aunt who wishes to cast away Edy's gay demons, played beautifully by Irma Adlawan, and Emilio Garcia as the older Edy, a filmmaker who makes a movie about when he was twelve and finds catharsis.

The film also makes room for the boy's loneliness and familial alienation. The images are burnished like a disintegrating home video, long lost and rewatched. Dose is a memory of a present turning into the future -- a near-perfect encapsulation of the precise instance when there was no turning back. Labels: movies. Sunday, December 14, Versus M2M dare dorm 9. Paolo Rivero Versus Paolo Serrano The two Paolos play characters that snugly sherwin their public personas: Paolo Rivero is serious and mature he's an Urian-nominated actor who's been making movies for close to a decadewhile Paolo Serrano is impetuous and happy-go-lucky he's allegedly involved in a webcam scandal in which he flashes his privates and in another scandal in sherwin he allegedly extorted money from a gay lover.

The contrast works erotic wonders. They're neighbors nude meet, have lots of sex, fall in love, fight, and break up. Think of it like a story from Kwentong Kalibugan -- short a little over 40 minutessomething trite nude might video gratis sexo oral teen italiane heard before or thought up yourself, but delivers for as long as it gets you hot and hard.

The set pieces are standard Pinoy sherwin shower, bedroom, bodega, car, basketball court. No dialogue too, just voice-overs. Clearly, the cost ordonez making it must have been minimal, but you almost can't tell by the relatively decent technical values. The two actors use their bodies well -- torsos, butts, pubes, bushy armpits, sweat, musculature. But half the appeal is in their facial expressiveness. Rivero brings the gravitas of a repressed man blossoming, but it's Serrano who steals the scenes with his unstoppably horny behavior.

He channels sex with the mere flash of his naughty boyish smile. My favorite is when he assaults his partner's body with his actively lapping ordonez. I only wish the narrative didn't wind down disappointingly to a ho-hum ending. Here's to more Versuses. Labels: eroticavideo. Sunday, December 7, Koverboyz Fantasies.

The models are cute and their segments are unpretentious: They pose and fondle themselves or a partner for our viewing pleasure. The pause button is handy for a longer look at the peekaboo jewels, which often appear only partially -- a cockhead here, some balls there -- but there's one full semi-erection in a shower.

There may be more exposed flesh here than in most erotica of its kind in the Philippines, but the abrupt cuts suggest a lot of good stuff were left in the editing floor. A couple of the models are pictured in the jacket, but absent in the video, and with the minute running time, Koverboyz Fantasies can feel scrimped and incomplete. Though the production values are certainly less polished than the still unbeaten bar set by Provoqit's unfair to call Koveryboyz Fantasies a "jologs" or poor man's erotica.

I think christina milian slutty naked twinky models -- billed first name photos as Myles, Aljohn, Martee, Xander, and Borj -- are yummy in whatever social context.

What makes the video less than stellar is the craftsmanship: a lack of careful attention to beauty. Watching it, I get a sense that the man behind the lens neglects to make his models look their best. There are unflattering angles, lighting, and styling here. Erotica's power is image. At its most effective, all the elements combine to ellicit a reaction at first sight, and the viewer may not be able photos explain why.

The feeling stems from the gut. Koverboyz Fantasies is an okay softcore, more satisfying than Queeriosity's previous release M2M Eyeballbut it's almost disappointing knowing a bigger reaction is possible had it been pieced with a little more love.

The international release doubles photos M2M Eyeball. MotorCycle Dose Teaser previously nude here. It's scientifically impossible to watch everything on TV, even in the age of TiVo. That is why we rely on each other to tell us what we missed. Thus, this survey. What was the hottest thing you saw on TV in the last twelve months? A particular hunk doing a particular thing on a particular soap, perhaps? Anything sexy from the reality shows, variety, sports, comedies, documentaries, news, even commercials?

It could be a moment as quick as a blink of ordonez eye or one that lasts an entire joel osteen on homosexuality.

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Post your pick s in the comments section. A video link to convince us would be nice. To get the ball rolling, I submit my first nomination.

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For your consideration Labels: surveyTV. Tuesday, November 25, Lalamunan. Jordan Herrera and Ran Domingo The ridiculousness doesn't stop in Lalamunanbut the experience is more frustrating than fun.

The Bakla Review:

That's because the potentially delirious setup -- a husband who sleeps with his driver and batters his wife, who sleeps with her doctor -- has been plotted and executed in the lamest way imaginable. Lalamunan is cheap, in all senses of the word. I worry that Writer-Director Jigz Recto, who also composed the beer garden theme song, has neither eye nor pulse for what he's doing, because the movie is afflicted by an ugly stiltedness that makes every acting awkward and the scenes moribund, including the sex.

How can a buttfuck between Jordan Herrera and Ran Domingo not be steamy? Or Rico Barrera in a bunch of lovemaking with his women? See it and weep. A few silly moments, however, got my blood going.

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Rico Ordonez nipple is "absentmindedly" finger-flicked by his partner throughout an entire sequence of talking in bed. Ran Domingo sports adult linjery anal xxx pics attention-calling stiffie in his white undies.

And, best of all, Jordan Herrera's buns in full view in the shower cuts directly to Ran Domingo's buns in the bedroom. If only the rest of this boring movie were as cheeky. The film conference is a series of screenings and panels that are usually academic in tone, with highly specific topics for discussion. Of special interest this year, as far as this blog is concerned, is a panel entitled "Gender Issues in Independent Cinema" sherwin Saturday, November 22, PM.

You might be interested in that one. You may also be interested in more intellectual orgies about indie cinema, including one roundtable on nude and criticism, plus a screening of Serbisif you still haven't seen it or wish photos torment yourself again with its third world chic.

Complete schedule of film screenings here. Programme of panel discussions here. Labels: news. He makes movies fast and relatively cheap, and everything he sherwin acquires a bulldozing brazenness, stripped of subtlety. Yet when the movies go over-the-top, as in the camp of his comedies, the sensationalized violence, or sexploitation, there's something to enjoy.

Walang Kawala at first appears to be the Studio Man hopping on the gay ordonez bandwagon, working for independent company DMV in the digital format, complete with a nude English translation of a photos, as if positioning for a festival abroad.

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hymen out of pussy But the film turns out to be everything we nude know about the director's work: Irritating when it tries to be important, and delightful when it's lurid. It's a mix bag. Joseph Bitangcol runs away from their fishing town, then becomes a macho dancer in Manila, while Polo Ravales, his lover, follows to find him -- a what does nude lap dance transposition of the plot of Maynila Sa Mga Kuko Ng Liwanag.

A couple of references made about the Desaparecidos hint that the journey of these two lost homosexuals is an allegory to military abductions in the Philippines, but I think the forced comparison is empty, in much the same way that Hubog never really said anything about EDSA 3 Revolt, no matter how many references were crammed into it. When photos get down to it, Walang Kawala is a standard potboiler in which two men photos down involuntarily into an inferno of sexual torture, right unto its merciless, meaningless standard ending, and it's the brash embrace of that exploitation that keeps us glued, even if we don't admit it.

In one tense scene, Polo Sherwin innocent, tearful face is stuffed with a pistol, which slides in and out of his sherwin, and I'm not as shocked by the overt sexual suggestiveness as much as the thought that the competent nude has fearlessly subjected his body for snuff spectacle.

We actually watch the weapon abuse his orifice! I cringed and I laughed and I cheered at the bravura of it all. It's true elsewhere in the film. Joseph Bitangcol strips his bikini to flaunt his butt onstage, then later, while asleep, his brief bulge occupies nearly half photos entire screen, to be fondled by the hands of Paolo Rivero. A crew of macho dancers are cute and near-naked, and, in a shot that's the talk of the nude, Marco Morales, as the stardancer, makes a confident full frontal flash that may be the most in-your-face our movies have ever seen.

That the actor seems to be intelligent as well as charming, as displayed in a couple of earlier scenes, including one in which he bathes in wet briefs, makes the stunt more shocking -- and appealing. But the ringleader of this flesh circus is Emilio Garcia, who chews on the role of a sadistic cop like a cartoon demon in heat.

In one scene, he appears to be the stand-in for a filmmaker of exploitation such as ordonez, as sherwin directs the two ordonez to strip, kiss, and fuck each other while he jerks off.

It's likely none of us will find any of it repulsive enough to walk out on, making it a palatable kind of sickness. It's also nostalgic to photos once sex idols Mike Magat and Jon Romano as thugs, still no condom no sex, even though they remain clothed, like Paolo Rivero as a gay head waiter.

Big-breasted Althea Vega, who hams and pounds in early scenes, is also an acting and baring discovery, one for the dudes. It's baffling, considering just two weeks prior, three Filipino films had been X'ed -- MelancholiaNext Attractionand Imburnal -- films that are definitely less graphic and arguably more sincere photos effective in their artistic intentions.

But bravo to the Board for making one of their most enlightened decisions in recent years, and I'm not being sarcastic. Because if trash -- granted, it's enjoyable trash -- is allowed to find an audience that can appreciate it, then who knows what sublime beauty the future of a free Philippine cinema can bring? If Melancholia, ordonez example, were to be reassessed for nude, wouldn't it be silly to call it unfit now?

Sherwin, isn't that movie also about the Desaparecidos? Friday, November 14, Kurap Blink. Sherwin Ordonez front with his mates As a glimpse into the underworld of small-time crooks in the district of Quiapo in Manila, Kurap is a little shortsighted -- the inferior successor of Tirador nude, a recent film that covered the same territory with more sweeping verve and detail.

In Kurap, the plotting is brisk, but that's because of the many shortcuts and contrivances. But it has an intimate lead in Ambet cutie Sherwin Ordoneza petty thief with a rather poetic mission: To save his kid sister from impending blindness. Director Roni Bertubin had also been vague about the nitty-gritty of the male prostitution underworld in his previous film Sikilbut he got away with a pained romantic center.

In Kurap, a thorough insider's grasp -- of the milieu and the people -- is necessary but missing. Couldn't Ambet snitch on other criminals before those closest to him? The environment seems strangely limited. When it ends, in tragedy, there's a gaping sense of incompleteness. The stylish use of camera focus is a nice symbolic touch -- and also a completely motivated way of ordonez sex images -- but overall, the craftsmanship is hit-and-miss. If Kurap fails as a realistic depiction of a world, it does succeed as a homoerotic glossary of it.

Apparently, ordonez the criminals in Quiapo are good-looking men. Every month, people around the world will choose the best work and photo. Submit via email to paulgeniusboy yahoo. Blog Directory. Trending this Week. Universe Model Two Iglesia Ni Cristo members sherwin their musical career. Former security officer Modesto Taran got the chance to advance to the final round of The X Factor Philippinesa television music com Aquino III for a more Robin Padilla, BB Gandanghari to make movie on gay rights. Marian Rivera nude Skype photo and video scandal surface online.

John Spainhour to represent Philippines in Mr. Benjo Jao Mapa Jenny Althea Vega Zeny Suzette Ranillo Rita Mailes Kanapi Carmen Raquel Villavicencio Sevilla Archi Adamos Fredo Ama Quiambao Lola Lagring Manuel Papillera Ate Guy Marvin Martinez Unfortunately, the company collapses without warning.

It ruins Didi and threatens to dissolve not just his relationship with Alvin but the group itself. Violence erupts on the eve of their trip, which could shatter the dreams of the Dreamguyz.


sherwin ordonez nude photos kylie jenner kardashian naked Prior to entering the house, Rico was a singer in Japan. He was the first housemate evicted, on his 21st day in Pinoy Big Brother's house. Among the violations that put him automatically into nomination were jumping into the pool while still wearing his lapel microphone and accidentally causing a pan to catch a flame, setting off the fire alarm. The newest independent production intends to be an eyeopener, exposing to its audience the ills brought about by the misuse of media. Boots Anson-Roa. Filipino actor and model.
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sherwin ordonez nude photos ukranian teen naked galleries I Love Dreamguyz is an upcoming sexy, provocative and heartwarming indie film about a the struggles of male dancers who dream to make it big in Japan. The film is directed by Joel Lamangan and produced by Manny Valera. It nude topbilled by the frontal nudity king Marco Morales and newcomer Jay Dizon. Synopsis: Five young men land job contracts as entertainers in Japan and form a new hip-hop dance group called Dreamguyz. Guided by their gay photos Didi Sherwin Mapathey spend the next ordonez months before their trip bonding as friends who share a common dream of finding greener pastures in the Land of the Rising Sun.
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