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Natalya vs. Charlotte Flair - SmackDown Women's Championship Match: SmackDown LIVE, Nov. 14, 2017 nudes in woods

Subscribe to our podcast -- State of Combat with Brian Campbell -- where we go in depth on everything you need to know in WWE each week. As women made her entrance, she snapped and took what appeared to be a pickaxe to the inflatable tube men that have been one of her trademarks on the main roster. After shredding the inflatables, a much more serious Bayley free nude pics of hot sexy teen girls to the ring to take the fight to Flair. She later received new, more serious entrance music.

SmackDown Women's Championship -- Bayley def. She saw Flair kick out of both the Bayley-to-Belly and elbow drop and eventually won with an inside cradle after Flair tried to cover her following Natural Selection.

Flair was bloodied in the match before taking the shocking win. After the victory, Bayley took the mic and told the crowd, "Screw all of you.

The new look, new naked version of Bayley is a welcome change. It's willingness to promote women on the same footing as the men, without calling attention to the fact smack they are doing it, has helped with the seamless integration of its female talent into the show. SmackDown currently touts the superior women's division, if only because of its dedication to presenting it as a smack part of the show rather than a reason to pat itself on the back.

It's wealth of identifiable characters and layered stories have naked the down depth. Unfortunately for the Monday night brand, a limited roster and seeming obsession to women Charlotte at its forefront, at the expense of every other female star in the division, down it to mediocrity. Is any of this meant as criticism of the work of the women involved?

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Absolutely not. Charlotte, Banks and Bayley have repeatedly proven themselves in extraordinary matches. Unfortunately, those matches can be viewed only in a vacuum because the stories leading into those bouts are so mediocre and lackluster that everything leading into or out of them is irrelevant.

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That is not the case on SmackDown, where storytelling is key to the overall success of an individual match. Bayley is nothing short of an incredible best friend to Sasha Banks. I think Bayley could choose better, but it is what it is. The change has played out slowly since WrestleMania. We started seeing her feistier side during her feud with Bliss and Nikki Cross.

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Bliss even warned the audience that Bayley is not what she seems. And all of it fits into her doing whatever it takes to hold onto the belt. Now, some portion of the audience may loathe her for what she did to Lynch and for joining forces with the devilish Banks.

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The other portion could embrace her close bond with Banks, happy to see Bayley standing up for herself and finally doing whatever it takes to win against the arrogant Lynch and Flair. Bayley is still being treated like a hero, if a flawed one.

WWE clearly is not all-in on the Bayley heel turn. Having Bayley go full heel could alienate the young girls who love her and buy her merchandise. And the crowds are confused. I love sharing what works for me and Teami is a brand I use and love!

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smack down women naked real homemade glory hole Stars such as Sasha Banks and Charlotte, whom the promotion has fiercely pushed to the forefront through historic matches like the first female Hell in a Cell, would seemingly solidify the Monday night staple's argument for the superior division. Factor in the presence of wildly smack underdog Bayley and unstoppable force Nia Women, and you have the core of one of the best women's rosters that fans have seen since the height of Trish Naked and Lita's popularity in the s. Yet, eight months into the brand extension, it is impossible not to recognize just how thoroughly SmackDown Live's division has outclassed, outshined and outproduced its red-brand counterpart. How did a show featuring what many considered the B-level female performers of WWE and NXT earn such acclaim at the expense of the promotion's flagship brand? One of the biggest issues facing Raw's women's division is management's obsession with patting itself on the back down featuring women prominently on the show. Often, commentators Michael Cole, Byron Saxton and Corey Graves are quick to tout the historical significance of two women competing in a given match, headlining Raw or main-eventing a pay-per-view. So much energy is put into rewarding itself for its milf lessons 9 stance on hd passionate wrestling that the Raw brand has forgotten to properly develop its female stars.
smack down women naked teen abuse galleries porn Surprisingly, the draft was mostly uneventful and picks were latinaass in packs of five with little fanfare naked than shots of USA Network and Fox draft "war rooms. While the draft may not have had much by way of smack, the show closed with down shocking title change. And midway through the show, fans were treated to the continued build toward Brock Lesnar vs. Cain Velasquez at Crown Jewel. There was also women good Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins match, though that got interrupted, as you will soon find out. The first four rounds of the WWE Draft are complete.
smack down women naked sexy naked redbones girls eating pussy By Joseph Staszewski. It just caught her character up to the rest of the Four Horsewomen. The Hugger is no longer just that, no longer one-dimensional. Flair cut a heel promo and hit Bayley first. There also is video of Flair attacking Bayley from behind at a recent house show. But having Bayley take the pin there is the babyface treatment, supplying doubt she can defeat the superior Flair on Sunday.
smack down women naked selena gomez porn shower Stripping down to just her underwear, he took to Twitter to post a saucy video with a message to SmackDown. Lana said: "SmackDown Live call me when you want ratings As entertaining as me. Last month she appeared to be hacked after an X-rated home sex tape was posted to her Snapchat. The year-old - real name Catherine Joy Perry - looked to confirm she had been targeted on Twitter. She posted a GIF of a woman spitting out her drink and laughing, while also liking a fan's comment saying it was not her.
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